Heat Pump Servicing & Cleaning Auckland

We offer heat pump servicing and cleaning service Auckland wide.  We recommend your heat pump is serviced and professionally cleaned every year. 

Regular heat pump sevicing will ensure:

  • Optimum heating and cooling performance
  • Lower running costs
  • Warranty is maintained
  • Identify potential problems before they arise

14 Point Gold Service

  1. Clean and vacuum indoor unit filters and reset filter timers.
  2. Clean and vaccum indoor unit chassis and coil.
  3. Clean, disinfect and rinse indoor unit and indoor coil.  Even though dust filters block alot of dust entering the unit dust will still form and biuld up on the indoor unit case and aluminuim coil.  Left unattended this can turn your very efficient heat pump into a very inefficient heater.
  4. Clean, disinfect and rinse outdoor unit and outdoor coil.  Dust, dirt and mildew can form on the outdoor unit affecting performance and running costs.
  5. Test and clean the condensation drain and/or condensation pump.
  6. Check the electrical circuit, and connections, and current draw.
  7. Measure and check the air off temperatures
  8. Measure and check the airflow readings.
  9. Check for signs or refrigeration leaks and re-gas if required.
  10. Check the general operation of the heat pump.
  11. Check outdoor unit for signs of insect or rodent infestations.  An ant crawling across the electronic circuit board is enough to trigger a fault which is not covered by warranty.
  12. Replace remote batteries.
  13. General visual check for signs of abnormal wear or misuse.
  14. Advise you of recommended settings and general advice for optimum performance. 


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